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Available Accessories can be found HERE
A) Walk-up charging station with new program card telling i-Cybie to find the station when it's power is low.
B) Charging timer for longer battery life and better performance.
C) Downloader for downloading new personality programs from the internet.
D) Custom colored shell kits are available, including transparent!
Manufactured for Tiger Electronics
by Silverlit Electronics
Year or Era:
2001 to present? (maybe discontinued...)
plastic, wires, motors, computer chips...
16 motors, controlled by combination of a remote control and a thinking CPU that utilizes a flash memory cartridge.
approximately 12" tall ( 305 mm )

Flash Memory Cartridge Detail.

Special Comments:
This is a great toy robot for the price.  I love it!  Originally it was sold for about $200.  It went down substantially since then if you find one.  It is much cheaper than it's much more sophisticated, yet more costly Sony Aibo (which I hope to own someday but can't justify the expense right now!).  I call i-Cybie the 'economy Aibo'.

he manual says, “This amazing little puppy is going to be an entertaining part of your world.  The 4-pound I-Cybie dog is made of 1,400 parts and over 90 feet of wire!  There is a powerful artificial intelligence computer and a bunch of smart buttons that allows this little character to do everything but taste and smell.  But, the truly incredible part of I-Cybie is the dog’s personality.”


“Your I-Cybie will respond to things in your world with canine-like moods.  I-Cybie does this by using some of the same things that you use: body, eyes, and voice.  The dog wll express feelings with signature actions, poses and behaviors when interacting in the world that the two of you will create.  Play with you new I-Cybie and you’ll have one happy puppy.  Ignore the dog and just like you, I-Cybie will become sad."

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