Giant Zrk
battery powered motor
19" approximately from head to tail by 9" tall at highest point of  the cycle

Special Comments:
This is one of my very oldest zoids.  You can see the progression of detail from this zoid to zoids produced a few years later.  This is the first of the serious zoids in my opinion.  Again, you see the tiny pilot that was the trademark of the zoid revolution.

In the early 80's, my parents bought cable television and the Disney channel was thrown in for a short trial period.  There was a short film that was shown that took a trip to the Tomy plant where they made their toys.  It showed the design teams, the mold makers- everything.  I was in awe!  The last part of the program treated us to a short film where the toys overran the manufacturing plant. Yes, you guessed it, Giant Zrk was one of the featured toys- actually many Giant Zrks.  That was it, I had to have one.  I made a trip to the store that weekend and became the permanent residence of the zoid you see here!