Toy Robot Links, and More
The Old Robots Web Site - many 80's robots, boxes too!
The Baumeister Robot Collection
Robots and Computers- this is a fun place!
Mark Bergin Toys- Some of the largest detailed pictures I've seen!
Chaos KIDS Robots- This is the cornerstone as far as toy robot sites go!
Ding-A-Lings by Topper Toys
Zeroids Page
Microman Rescue Base Seattle--a resource for Micronaut and Microman fans and collectors
Omnibot Repair
ROBOTNUT.COM- Featuring the Personal Toy Robot Collection of RADBOT
ROBOTS.4MG- Nasir's Website!
Toy Robot Collection by Andreas Menz!
Ted Terranova's Robot Page- Amazing Shogun and related era site!
Weebots, the first page!  You don't know what a weebot is?
Zee Toys Collectors Club- Metal Man Figures

Places to Find and buy
Some of This Neat Stuff!
Antiquetoys: Antique Toys and Collectibles (Space Toys too!)
Dersu Coleccionismo, Antiques, Robots and Space Toys, and most things imaginable!
eToys Robot Search- New Robot Toys!
Femisapien, Wowee's new female Robot (creators of Robosapien and others)!
House of Toys
The Internet Off-White Toy Pages Toy Links
Jay's Super Gigantic Gigantor / Tetsujin and other robots site
Lost In Toys- Toys from the tv series
Neatstuff Collectibles-vintage toys, and collectible toy robots!
ROBOT 1968- I like the graphics!
RobotiKits Direct
Robots & Space Toys
Rocket USA
Sci-Fi Station
The Wound and Wound Toy Company

E-Bay Robot Search! Okay, so you didn't find what you want. Check This Out!

Toy Robot Repair

Battery Operated Toy Repair
Bill Rook's Old Toys 4 U

Homemade Robots and Art!
Build It Yourself toy robots, trucks, puppets and other inventions

Caroline's Robots- Caroline Le Breton is a french artist. She has always been interested in collecting and creating robots.  Please take a look at her unique robot art!
Handmade Robots by Jake Davidson alprazolam ultram
Lawrence Northey's Robot Art Page- Lawrence is very talented sculptor.  Check out a sample of his work HERE.
John Rigg Project Book- The creations of master prop builder John Rigg.

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