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GoBot known as "Spay-C"
Tonka, manufactured by Bandai
Year or Era:
metal and plastic
5" high (robot mode),  6.25" long (shuttle mode)

Special Comments:
GoBots made their appearance in the early to mid eighties.  Where I live, they beat transformers to the market narrowly.  That may not be the case to the rest of the world.  They were vehicles that turned into robots, and visa versa.  GoBots had a storyline that had good GoBots verses bad GoBots.  The group picture on the right shows all the earlier models of the GoBot line.  Spay-C is not included in the shot, although this is from Spay-C's box.  I have "Baron Von Joy" somewhere in storage, I hope!

I must add:  I believe the popularity of these types of robots were most likely the nail in the coffin for the traditional style of battery powered robots that were first popularized in the fifties and sixties.

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