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Note the light in his claws while in motion.
( flashing is a Jeffbot's simulation  )

Robosapien's Cup

Remote Control
Wow Wee
Year or Era:
Plastic, computer chips, motors, etc.
Remote control, and some programmability
About 14" ( 355.6 mm ) high

Special Comments:
I won't beat around the bush, I would like to promote this robot and see it do well!  And no, I don't get any money for mentioning that.  If he does well, other toys of this same calibur will be made, and with technology the way it is, I can't wait to see what's next!  I have been seeing Robosapien in stores, but for us to gain full appreciation, we really need to see him in motion.  He is a bit pricey, but when you figure all the engineering and development that went into this little guy, he is really quite reasonable compared to other toys.  First of all, he is very well made.  You can only tell that by picking him up, feeling his weight, hearing the gears whine, and smelling the light oil needed for this exotic toy's function.  Consider a remote controlled car which goes forward, backward, left, right, fast, and slow.  Well, this is a remote controlled "man" or robot that does a little bit more.  He is even stable on carpet!  Please download the mpg's I have linked to get a better feel for him.  Robosapien is full of personality!

Robosapien even has a little cup that he comes with that you can practice your skills at making him pick it up, throw it, run with it, etc.  It's just like a game!  He actually has two different hand styles for different tasks I assume.  He can be used by remote control, or you can program a sequence of actions that he can execute in order.  What are you waiting for?  Go get you one!

Robosapien has 67 programmed functions.  Here they are:

1) Right Arm Up
2) Right Arm Down
3) Right Arm In( LFT) Left Spin/Walk Button
4) Right Arm Out (FWD) Forward Walk/Slow
5) Tilt Body Right(BK) Backward Walk/Slow
6) Left Arm Up(RSD) Right Shoulder Down
7) Left Arm Down(LSD) Left Shoulder Down
8) Left Arm In (RSU) Right Shoulder Up
9) Left Arm Out (LSU) Left Shoulder Up
10) Tilt Body Right (RFO) Right Forearm Out
11) Turn Right
12) Walk Forward
13) STOP Button
14) Turn Left
15) Walk Backward
16) (R>) Right Sensor Program
17) (S>) Sonic Program
18) (L>) Left Sensor Program
19) (R>) Right Sensor Program
20) (P) Master Command Program
21) (SELECT) Advance to GREEN Keys
22) Right Hand Thump
23) Left Hand Pickup
24) Lean Backward
25) Right Hand Throw
26) Sleep
27) Left Hand Thump
28) Left Hand Pickup
29) Lean Forward
30) Left Hand Throw
31) Listen
32) Forward Step
33) Right Turn Step
34) Backward Step
35) Right Sensor Program Execute
36) Master Command Program Execute
37) Wake Up
38) Reset
39) Left Turn Step
40) (SELECT) Advance to ORANGE Keys
41) Left Sensor Program Execute
42) Sonic Sensor Program Execute
43) Right Hand Sweep
44) High 5
45) Right Hand Strike 1
46) Burp
47) Right Hand Strike 2
48) Left Hand Sweep
49) Talk Back
50) Left Hand Strike 1
51) Whistle
52) Left Hand Strike 2
53) Bulldozer
54) Right Hand Strike 3
55) Oops!
56) Demo1
57) All Demo
58) Power Off
59) Roar
60) Left Hand Strike 3
61) (Select) Return to RED Command Functions
62) Demo2
63) Dance Demo
64) <, < Combination "Right Walk Turn"
65) >, > Combination "Left Walk Turn"
66) Forward, Forward Combination "Slow Walk Forward"
67) Backward, Backward Combination "Slow Walk Backward"

Wow Wee- Creators of Robosapien