2 Roboforce figures from the "Maxx Steele" series (above).  The first figure is "Blazer", and the second is "Maxx Steele".
CBS Toys
Year or Era:
5" high

Special Comments:
Here are a couple examples of the "Maxx Steele" toy line.  I'm not all that familiar with it, except it covered an actual robot as well as the small toys I have in the top picture, and the Maxx Steele erector set shown above.  To the left is the "Roboforce Play set" I believe.  The erector set and play set are not mine, but are examples I found on the web to show the extent of this toy series.  Sadly, my robot on the right is damaged- ouch!  There is a button that you push on their backs to make their arms close together.  The figure on the left looks like he squirts water from his head, and all the figures from the play set series (many of which are not shown here) have a large suction cup like base. 

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