Robie The Banker
Radio Shack
Year or Era:
1980's to present? (always available at Christmas time)
battery powered motor
4" high approximately

Special Comments:
I had to have this guy when I saw him over a decade ago (my time flies!).  Robie is a bank that when you press a coin in his hand, a switch is activated.  His eyes roll back as his mouth opens (synonymous with the top half of his can-like head), his tongue takes a few swipes after the delicious coin slides down his throat.  He then smacks his mouth as he rocks back and forth in a state of glee.  If I ever lose an eye, I will just take one from this little guy.  His eyes are really well done, and are part of his appeal.

Again, we see another toy robot hopping on the "Robby" band wagon.  That's okay.  If toy androids had taken off instead of toy robots, we would be seeing "Andy" or "Annie" the android!  I believe this with all my heart... : )

Robie The Banker site!

Additional letters:
THF from Germany!