Motor Blocks Dinosaurs
Year or Era:
late 1990's
battery powered motor
various, the first dinosaur is 8" high by 13.5" long

Special Comments:
First of all, I would like to apologize for the excessive loading time for this page.  There are many variations of this toy.  I also thought larger pictures would be more appealing, and I have a lot of web space to fill still.  I probably know what some of you are saying by now, "I feel ripped off!  These aren't robots!"  Let me try to persuade you.  The motorized mechanisms that animate this toy are every bit as complicated as other robot toys.  Look at the blue design on the legs, it doesn't look like something an animal or "actual" dinosaur would have to me.  The legs move on wheels with an outer leg covers moving on a cam to simulate a walking motion.  This "animal" style robot is many robots in one.  It was built in a modular fashion much like legos, so it is in fact many potential robots.  After looking at this, I think that Tomy has succeeded in creating something to the effect of Zoids for small children.  The box says for preschool, so I guess the inner child in me has been caught : )  I will always appreciate good design.  Toys like this help to fuel the imaginations of small children, so they can grow up to be big children like myself.