Guest Robot Gallery, Show Us Your Robots!
There are many robots out there.  Many of which fans of this site have never seen.  This page will help to show off what you have, and to acquaint our viewers with the robot population that has infiltrated silently, without notice, the very homes in which we live!
Note: These pictures are the property of the respective collectors and artists that contributed them.  Please ask their permission before using any of the images.  Thank you!

Scott's home-built B-9 robot

Bill's Compurobot II CR 2000, from Ontario!
Martin's Robots from the U.K.!

Lawrence Northey's "The Queen's Entourage" sculpture!

The creations of master prop builder John Rigg.

Team S.L.A.M.'s battlebot by Steven Nelson.  I love these competitions!

This is Rick's
6 foot tall robot

This is Robert Mowery's
mystery find!

The infamous room
of Robert Sampler,
A.K.A. "Skrooz Lewis"

Matt Urban's F.O.R.D. ( Faulty Operational Rolling Debris ) from Ohio!

This is Boilerplate.  He was sent to me by Paul Guinan.  Please check out this historical and engineering marvel!

This is an industrial robot
from where I work.

The awesome toy robot
collection of Anne Spies
from the Netherlands!

The robots of Andy Shaw.  These things are over 5 feet tall!  You
really need to see these.

This is an art exhibit by Jean-Francois.  If you love art, especially robots, check it out!

The Pavlovian Dog Demonstrator by Frederick W. Chesson.

Brad Baillod's six legged insect-like robot.

The robots of Terry Collier

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