I received an e-mail from Rick about his awesome find.  He has a six foot tall robot that he wishes to identify.  Can you help him out or buy the great find?  I'll let you read his letter to me:

"Hi, my name is Rick

I'm writing to you in hopes that you can help me out !!

I just purchased a six foot tall ROBOT from an auction.

He's white in color.  He lights up and blinks.  His head turns from side to side.  There's an old computer with a built in six inch monitor that slides in the back side of the robot and the computer display faces out a window in the robots chest for viewing.  His arms are stationary and his hands hold a shelf where a printer sits.  There is a cassette player inside connected to a speaker.

When I brought him home and opened his back door compartment I found a box of printer paper that has the words TIME CHRONICLE on them that feeds up to the printer.  There isn't a manual or any literature so I don't know where he came from or how old he is.........
There is a company name on a box called "TRAWB ENTERTAINMENT CORP."
And the computer is a KAYPRO 16.

OH.... Everything works except for the tape player.  The ROBOT itself is in great condition...

So here's where I need the HELP !!

Do you know WHAT he is or WHERE he came from?
Are you interested in buying him?

I hope you can help me out or at least send this letter to someone that can !!!"

If you would like to help out Rick, here is his e-mail, and while you're at it, e-mail me!  I normally don't post for sale adds on my site because I would be overwhelmed by the quantity.  However, this was my idea because this is such an unusual find!

Update!  Identity Revealed

Talk about a needle in a haystack!  Please read this letter.  I am really amazed that Jeff has found my site.  He agreed to let me post his letter.  Thanks Jeff!

Hi Rick!

It is a TOTAL thrill to see this robot again!!!
I carried it in my van back in 1985 for about a year and used to make a lot of money with it.

TRAWB is an acronym for the four owners of the business. Tannen Rutter and Woolery Bantam?  Their office was in Alameda, Calif. on High street (I think the address was 1307). I could probably find out. Woolery also owned a photography business which he ran from the same office.

I used to travel California with the TRAWB robot. The computer inside sold a one page printout telling What happened on the day you were born? That is the paper you saw that says Time Chronicle. It is a light brown yellow paper that is a little heavier than normal paper. Right? There were several of these robots. I saw one in Hawaii back around 1987.  I could tell you a lot more. Please email me back or if you want to talk on the phone that would be fine also.

Sunnyvale Calif.