Battlebots Las Vegas 1999 Pics
A new sport has been gaining both speed and attention in recent years.  It is a sport where contestants design robots to battle it out, sometimes to the death (or immobilization).  Different clubs are forming, including Battlebots and Robot Wars, along with countless fringe groups from around the world.  Being a machinist, I can appreciate the work that is spent on these creations.  If only I had the time, this is where I would be!  Steven Nelson sent me these pictures and links that represent Team S.L.A.M.  Good luck to you Steven!  I think I will just quote the e-mail he sent me below.  -Jeff

"Well Team S.L.A.M. recently went to the second battlebots competition.  This event was held for just Gigabots weighing up to 210 lbs. And a new class Terabots weighing up to 488 lbs. Oh Boy we are finally getting enough  weight to put in lots of armor and powerful motors , engines and lots of battery's. The weapons are bigger and the machines are meaner.  This event was broadcast on Pay Per View on January 29, 2000."

Blunt force trauma.

This baby rotates a flame cut saw blade. Watch your ankles!

The drive unit...

The saw blade is driven by a starter motor by means of a rubber cone. Sort of a carnie wheel arrangement. Like an amusement ride.


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