These are my guests from England.  These are the robots of Martin.  I am envious!
Above, From Left to Right: Big Trak, Compurobot II, George (front), Heathkit's Hero 1 (back), and Omni Jr.
Here is a shot of Hero 1 feeding Martin's son.  This is so cool!  Do not attempt this if you are an amateur.

This George.  This is Compurobot's identical cousin from the U.K.

I don't have a section on my site that covers the Big Trak or Heathkit's Hero.  To compensate, I would like to include an online manual for the Big Trak, and links for both of these unique robots.
Big Trak Operations Resource Center (I wish there were more sites like this)
Big Trak- Yesterdayland Toys
Retrofitting a Big Trak with an OOPic
The Hero Robot Web Source
Hero Robots, Mobile Ed Productions
Hero-2000 Robot, the next generation
Hero MegaLinks