The Pavlovian Dog Demonstrator
by Frederick W. Chesson

Above is a picture of the detailed circuitry.

I thought this was really neat.  Fred made these years before the Furby, Chirpy-Chi, or Poo-Chi (the dog version).  This was at a time when devices like these were never considered play toys.  It was quite an accomplishment for it's day.  Fred's letter is below:
"Way back in the dim '60s, in the midst of the Teaching Machine Era, I came up with a Pavlovian Dog demonstrator. (Two were actually built)  Responding to food (magnetic bone) sound and light stimuli, the concepts of Conditioning, Extinction, Learning Curves, Spontaneous Recovery and Higher-Order Conditioning were presented. (All done with relay logic and memory back then!)"

Fred W. Chesson

Thanks for a piece of history Fred!

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