Gi-Bot, formerly my "Binocular Robot"
Year or Era:
late 1970's or 1980's
static (none that I can see)
4.5" high

Special Comments:
I am almost positive this is a character from a Japanese cartoon.  This toy robot is obviously part of something else.  It has an earphone jack on the back side.  Maybe it's a speaker for a toy or a radio or alarm clock?  Nonetheless, I like the attention to detail, especially the metallic eyes.  This is robot falls in the category of "things that someone found and donated to my collection (probably my brother, thanks Steve)".

I have been informed that this robot's name is "Gi-Bot" by robot enthusiast Carl Kramer.

Here is an excerpt from Carl's letter:

"Binoculars Robot" is actually a Gi-Bot.  The mate is the Bo-Bot.  Together they are LUV-bots or LUV bo-gi BOTs.  There is actually quite a lot of the LUV bots in many forms.  Yours sounds like one half of the 'intercom' set.  I had a set of the wind up versions on the top of my wedding cake."