Before you e-mail me...
There are a few things I need to mention:

  I love my robot fan e-mails!  Please don't let the statements below discourage you from writing.  My intent is to explain why I take so long to reply to my e-mails, and also why my site isn't always updated.  I will always look forward to your letters.

  Feel free to send me pictures or links at any time.  The only thing I ask is that they CANNOT be adult material.  I get fan mail from kids that view my site every day after school, which is an honor.  You get the idea. 

  I work way too much.  I wish I didn't, but that's the way it is for me.  I work six days a week, and on the remaining day, I get to catch up on housework, yard work, and car repairs, etc.  The sliver of time left I spend on other hobbies, one of which is this site which I love.

  I do this as a hobby.  I am not an expert on toy robot pricing by any means.  I'm merely a guy that likes robots.

  If for some reason I have not replied to your e-mail, please check your return address and make sure that it is working.  There are those of you who I have written back to, only to have my letter returned.  Questions involving research generally take me longer to reply.

  I am not in the market to buy new robots.  I have no place to put them currently no matter how nice the offer.  If I ever win the lottery, I will buy a large house with a wing just for robots, and I will start this mad frenzy again!

  For further answers to your questions please go HERE.  For the best site on Toy Robot collecting with a nice message board, go HERE.  Otherwise click the robot at the bottom of this page.


Dead link patrollers:  Please let me know of any dead links you find on my web site.  Keep in mind that sometimes a link is dead because that site's server is temporarily down.  The web is SO fragile!

Movie Robot Writers:  Let me put your name on my site!  I am looking for well written reviews and quality pictures on movie and television robots.  I am accepting reviews on robots that are already covered on my site as well as new additions.  I prefer DVD snapshots, but I will take what I can get.  Keep in mind I cannot have a written review without a picture.  This is your chance to see your favorite robot given the recognition it finally deserves!

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