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This view shows the cap
firing mechanism on the back.

ED 209's greatest nightmare: Robocop

ED 209 from the 1987 movie Robocop
1989 Orion, made in China
Year or Era:
late 80's, early 90's?
plastic with a metal cap hammer
5" high

Special Comments:
This must be a movie promo that I picked up somewhere.  I have no idea where I got some of this stuff!  I thought he was gone until he mysteriously turned up in a box I had in my attic.  It's a simple toy that appears to fire caps by flipping the metal hammer on the back end.

Ed 209 is from the movie Robocop, and is the failed attempt from the OCP company at a law enforcement robot.  It has some serious flaws such as killing innocent people- you get the idea.  To me, the nose of Ed 209 looks like the mesh screen that covers important military radar equipment.

Great classic robot!

OCP Military Sector (ED-209)
ED 209 - Enforcement Droid Specifications
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