Robosapien will thank you!
As many of you know, the success of a website can mean it's end because traffic (bandwidth) costs money.  Jeffbots has become huge!  The physical size as of now is over 1,087 varying files and about 57.5 megabytes and growing.  This includes films too.  Many websites may fit on one floppy disk to give a comparison.  This website is my hobby of love.  As of now, this website is payed for by myself, and while I do wish it to be successful, I worry about it's future at times.

Please feel free to enjoy this site without paying anything.  It was never my intention to ask for money.  However, if you would like to help out to offset the cost of bandwidth, I will be eternally grateful!  Any amount no matter the size, be it a one time gift, or an additional gift to a previous gift, is greatly appreciated.

Any additional money beyond cost may be used to better this website.

You guys are great, and thank you for understanding!