The Chopping Mall Robots

Chopping Mall reviewed by GS_Player:

“They're supposed to be hardworking, law enforcing police robots. The pressure must be getting to them. Now it’s the Killbots against us all, and the Killbots are winning…”

(quote taken from the Sci-Fi channel intro to KillBots)
**** out of *****
Let’s see, if you really want to know the good parts about this move, here they are:
Head explosions
great lines like “I guess I’m not used to being chased around a mall in the middle of the night by killer robots…”
Killer robots chasing teens around a giant mall.
Oh, and one stop shopping for all your weapon needs!

What? You want a story? Ok, here it is:
A bunch of teens decide to have a party after hours in a mall. It just so happens that the new robotic security force malfunctions of all nights this one. So the “Protectors” are turned into KillBots (Which, by the way, was the original movie title, but later changed). One by one most of the teens are left until, GASP, the only two that did NOT have sex are left!
Now it may sound like I’m putting this movie down Well, I’m not. I LOVE this movie. It’s one of the better killer robot movies out there. Oh, and one more thing. The robots are based on the robots from the movie GOG, not Short Circuit. Actually, take GOG and the movie Trapped, marry them, let them have a kid and the kid’s name is Chopping Mall.

So to close, I just want to say… buy the DVD! It’s only 10 bucks (at least it was at the Best Buy where I bought it) you're cheap… and I can’t say the rest (just kidding. your not THAT cheap). By the way, here’s a shameless plug for my site:
Unofficial chopping Mall Fan Site:

Oh, and yes, I’m cheap to.
I would like to give thanks to GS_Player for his contribution to my page!

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