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Tiger Electronics
Year or Era:
plastic, computer chips...
battery powered electric motor, sound, and a CPU chip
6.25" high

Special Comments:
I will confess, this is not my robot.  It is in my family however.  I was at my brother's family's house and my nephew offered his Chirpy Chi to be sacrificed for the good of my web page.  The good news is that no Chirpy-Chi's were hurt during the making of this web site.  No sacrifices.  I merely borrowed an image.

The "Chi" series was spun off the Furby toy line (I am guessing), starting with the "Poo-Chi" toy dog.  Later, a couple more were added such as "Meow-Chi" and "Chirpy-Chi" seen here.  These are designed to interact and give apparent pet like responses to stimulus.  The plastic corn is used to feed Chirpy-Chi.  It is waved over his beak, and he goes nuts like it's meal time.  My guess is that there must be a magnet inside the corn that trips a sensor in his beak, which in turn drives a specified response.  He flaps his wings, chirps, sings and loves to feed on his corn.  I'm not sure of the level of interaction the "Chi" line of toys will give, but I know the Furbies were really neat!

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