Bomb 20 from John Carpenter's Dark Star

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Dark Star is an obscure film from 1974 by John Carpenter.  I was always under the impression that it was an early student film, however I cannot verify where I received that fact, or if I assumed it on my own.  Although it is a low budget film, it is one of my personal classics.

A group of "hippy" type space cadets have been in space for over twenty years.  One of their missions is to destroy unstable planets (it is also assumed that they may be destroying a few planets out of boredom).  A malfunction occurs that activates "bomb 20" to detonate.  Out of desperation, Commander Doolittle puts on his space suit, and goes outside the ship to try and talk the bomb into going back into the bomb bay.  Bomb 20 speaks English of course, and Doolittle tries using a type of psychology on him that is called phenomenology.  The conversation is quite hilarious.  I don't want to wreck the film for you by telling you either way if the bomb listens to Doolittle's strained attempts.  You'll just have to buy the film!  This is a whacky movie, and even though Bomb 20 isn't a full functioning robot, I place him in the robot category for the same reason that I have placed Hal 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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