The Art of Bruce Gray,
Robot created from a Crashed BMW

I was elated to receive the email below, allegedly from a robot created by artist Bruce Gray:


Dear Jeff,
I am a robot sculpture made from a crashed BMW.  I was made by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray.


The robot has so much style, and for Bruce to breathe life into a wrecked BMW car is nothing short of brilliant!  Upon looking at Bruce's site, you will find Bruce has quite an impressive art resume.  It is an honor for Robot1 to contact me in Bruce's behalf.

Bruce is an artist and metal sculptor based in Los Angeles California.  I was amazed with his extensive work that includes mentionings and appearances in books, furniture, movies and television (Ally McBeal, Bob Newhart, Charmed, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, and many more).  Almost any format you can imagine, you will find representation in Bruce's work it seems.

Please drill down into Bruce's site below!

Official Site: Sculpture by Bruce Gray